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Bereavement Support

Suicide Bereavement Support

Every year in the UK over 350,000 people are bereaved or affected by over 6,000 suicides. This includes families, carers, friends, colleagues, paramedics and health professionals. Sadly very few of these people are proactively offered support.

Please look at our Need Help page to find out more about organisations who can provide bereavement support or search for local support through the Support after Suicide website. Please also think about ordering copy of Help is at Hand, which provides support for people who may have been bereaved by suicide.

Support after Suicide Partnership

This is why, in late 2013, we founded... and fund the Support after Suicide Partnership (SASP), which is the hub for over 30 organisations, who provide suicide bereavement support across the UK. The Vision of the Partnership is that ‘everyone bereaved or affected by suicide is (proactively) offered appropriate and timely support'.

Our work involves:

Over the past year or more we have been heavily involved in the development the following resources for local authorities and we urge them to implement these important local support services:

Research into the impact of suicide in the UK

The Partnership launched important Research through a survey in September 2017, in collaboration with the University of Manchester, to identify the impact of suicide in the UK and use the findings to improve the capacity and quality of support available. Over 6,000 people have completed the survey, which closed in August 2018, with a report due in mid 2019.

Bereavement support in business

We have been working with Business in the Community and Public Health England, who have recently published a resource, which helps any organisation to develop a Suicide Prevention Plan and an approach to Supporting Colleagues after a Suicide, which affects anyone in the workplace. 

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