The importance of wellbeing and mental health

Our aim is that everyone understands the importance of wellbeing and mental health and how to keep well... for this to be part of the language of education and the workplace... and that people who need help receive the most appropriate support quickly.

Matthew Elvidge

Matthew Elvidge was a bright, energetic and caring young man.

He had everything to live for and yet, aged 23, he took his own life after a very short period of depression.

The Warning Signs

Over the few weeks before Matthew died, he experienced many of the signs of anxiety and depression including difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, difficulty in making decisions, changes in mood, tearfulness and feelings of worthlessness.

At the time, we weren’t aware of their significance and importance.... and how vital it is to learn the signs and watch out for them in family, friends and colleagues… and then have the right conversations, to encourage people to seek and receive help at the earliest opportunity. Please also see our 'Need Help' page.

Signs reproduced by kind permission of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

The warning signs

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